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Landscape Lighting in Plano

Adding landscape lighting to a house in Plano will undoubtedly add to the nighttime curb appeal of the house as well as improve the overall aesthetic appearance of the property.

There are three main reasons to have landscape lighting installed on your property:

There are many lighting techniques that can be used on your property to create dramatic effects…up lighting, down lighting, shadowing, silhouetting, grazing light, accent lighting, path lighting, step lighting, security lighting, cross lighting, etc. The possibilities and uses for landscape lighting design are practically limitless! Using the right landscape lighting design techniques can create a dramatic effect, and if installed properly, it will be a solid investment that will last for years.

Having functioning landscape lighting on your property can even help you when it comes time to sell your house.  When interested in a house, many home buyers in Plano like to look at homes after dark.  Having a home that stands out, and is very welcoming to people at night, can go a long way.  Landscape lighting can have a significant impact when it comes to making a sale and getting the price you want. Landscape lighting can add to the perceived value of a home, and perception can add up to real money.

As a landscape lighting company in Plano TX, we offer maintenance programs that include routine inspections and repair of outdoor lighting systems. Depending on the quality of the system that was originally installed, there can be a few things or many things that can and will go wrong over the lifetime of a lighting system, and severity can range from a burned-out light bulb to fire-hazard situations.
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