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Landscape & Outdoor Lighting

We believe that there are three main reasons to have landscape or outdoor lighting installed on your residential property: to showcase your home, to provide security for your home, and to provide safety for your home. The latter two reasons generally come to fruition for homeowners following an accident or criminal activity either at their own home, or at a family, friend or neighbor’s home.

Showcase Your Home

Security for Your Home

Safety for Your Home

Adding landscape lighting to residential properties can involve a new installation if lighting does not currently exist, or retrofitting an older design and fixtures for a more modern look with energy saving features. A routine landscape lighting maintenance program, involving system testing and walking the property to observe any damages, will help the homeowner to identify any hazards and problems before they become a security or safety issue.

Landscape lighting options are endless. From the types of fixtures to the placement of lighting to the techniques used, if it can be imagined, desired, or required, it can be achieved!
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