Autumn Lawn Care: 7 Steps to Take Right Now

Autumn Lawn Care: 7 Steps to Take Right Now

Posted on August 21, 2017

Although summer, the official backyard season, is coming to a close, you should not neglect lawn care just yet. If you take the following seven steps throughout the autumn, your lawn will grow back with even more brilliance next year.

1.      Continue Mowing – The days are shorter and the temperatures are lower, but your grass is still growing. Continue to mow and water, perhaps less    frequently than in July. As you approach the final mow of the season, gradually lower your mower blades for a shorter cut which will encourage quicker  regrowth come spring.
2.      Remove Debris – Removing debris which becomes excessive in the fall, such as leaves, needles, or pine-cones ensures a healthy yard next year. Keeping your yard free from decaying substances also controls backyard bugs including ticks and mosquitoes.
3.      Aerate – Fall is the perfect time to aerate your yard, which loosens soil, improving the health of your lawn.
4.      Eradicate Weeds – In autumn, plants begin survival mode, drinking up as much as water and sunlight as possible  (including weed killer). Applying weed  killer to weeds which overwhelmed your yard through summer will ensure they do not return.
5.      Fertilize – Fertilizer are also more effective in fall. Fertilize your lawn now, ensuring plants have the nutrients needed for full growth next year.
6.      Fix Patches – Lay down a lawn repair mixture to regrow a full yard in the spring.
7.      Plant Bulbs – Autumn is the time to upgrade your garden for spring. Plant bulb flowers like tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, and peonies to enjoy their colorful blooms once the snow melts.

Autumn is the best time to ensure your lawn stays healthy through the winter and regrows beautifully come spring. Contact a local lawn care professional for help.

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