What to Consider Before Installing a Sprinkler System

What to Consider Before Installing a Sprinkler System

Posted on March 13, 2018

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Are you planning to install a new sprinkler system in your front or backyard? Sprinkler systems make yard maintenance much easier while saving water and keeping your lawn looking great. However, before moving forward with the installation of a sprinkler system, you’ll want to consider a few things, so you’re adequately prepared. Among them include:

Local Water Regulations

Water conservation is mandatory in many areas around the United States, and in Texas is no different. We have water regulations that you need to stay aware of before installing your sprinkler system. Some cities require that you comply with basic efficiency standards to limit the amount of water wasted. You can check our website to see the regulations in your city or speak with your sprinkler contractor to ensure your compliance to avoid consequences that could result in costly fines and increased water bills.

Do You Want an Automated Sprinkler System?

With many sprinkler irrigation systems being available, you may want to decide whether or not you want one with automated features. Newer, advanced models come with timers and moisture sensors that detect when your lawn or parts of your lawn need to be watered. If you don’t always remember to water your yard and want to make sure it gets done, having an automated system may be a good option.

Zoning According to Specific Needs

Not every part of your yard needs to be watered as much as others. The areas of your yard that get a lot of sunlight will require more water while those that are in shaded locations will need less. Also, areas that are located down the slope will collect and retain more water than higher ground. All these factors should be put in consideration to avoid overwatering or under watering.

Finding Out about the Parts of the System

Lastly, you’ll want to gather information of the name and model numbers of the parts used in the sprinkler system to ensure you know what to purchase in case you need a replacement.

With the right watering system for your yard, you can enjoy a healthy lawn and garden every year.

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