Your Complete Sprinkler Maintenance Checklist

Your Complete Sprinkler Maintenance Checklist

Posted on August 21, 2017

Properly maintaining your sprinkler irrigation system typically requires maintenance at two key times of the year: spring open and fall close. Following a careful maintenance checklist will save you money, water, and limit the potential for requiring any high-cost repairs.

Spring Open

Fall Close

Water is removed from the lines when winterizing a system. An air compressor attaches to the system’s main line after its backflow device to blow out the water.

Sprinkler systems in Plano, TX do not necessarily need to be completely winterized; the main concern with sprinklers in the winter are pipes bursting due to frozen ground water. If you choose to winterize your system or you would like to minimize the use of your system throughout the cooler months, contact sprinkler repair and installation professional at Pearson Sprinkler in Plano, TX. to assist you with the process.

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