How’s Your Drainage System Working? It Might Need a Checkup

How’s Your Drainage System Working? It Might Need a Checkup

Posted on March 7, 2018

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A majority of garden drainage issues in Plano indicate a bigger problem that may need a professional’s attention. Often, these drain problems are caused by minor incidents such as clogging due to inappropriate waste going into the drainage system, blocked pipes or frozen pipes during cold weather. If you notice problems in your landscape drainage system, you may need to call a professional to give a more in-depth look at your landscape drainage and fix the problem.

Common Landscape Drainage Problems

Slow Drains

While a slow drain may not seem like a big issue, it might quickly turn into a more serious problem. Overly wet turf areas are prone to soil compaction and scarring from footprints and mowing equipment. A slow drain can a product of improper grading of your drainage system.

Recurring Clogs

Clogged drains are common in gardens due to the binding of dirt, mud, leaves, and even insects and animals that can go into the drains. If you’re trying to clean your drain frequently, chances are you’re failing in removing the entire clog. It’s best if you hire an expert to eliminate the problem permanently.

Water Flooding

Water flooding in your garden is another common problem and may be an indication that your drain could stop working completely leaving you with puddles of water all over your garden. Too much water in landscaped areas can result in plant diseases and can even kill plants and expensive evergreens.
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