Drip Irrigation Benefits and Restrictions

Drip Irrigation Benefits and Restrictions

Posted on March 21, 2014

pearson_mar2014-3_drip-irrigation-300x225As watering districts and cities in our service area are maintaining watering restrictions or proposing to institute new restrictions, drip irrigation is beginning to become an alternative that many people are becoming more and more interested in for their gardens, flowerbeds and foundations.  When watering restrictions are in place, most cities allow watering using drip irrigation when aboveground watering is not permitted.  The permissible use of drip irrigation can differ city to city and can range from no restrictions at all to being allowed for up to two hours per day.

Creating separate zones for drip irrigation will allow for a more precise and frequent watering schedule.  Drip irrigation is a great alternative to standard pop-up, rotor or other above ground sprinkler heads for several reasons.

Although drip irrigation has very few restrictions, if any, some cities in our service area do recommend that property owners make it standard practice to monitor total water usage.  Some cities may even require a homeowner to pay a surcharge on the amount of water if it reaches a certain number of gallons used per month.


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