Pre-Planning – West Plano Landscape Lighting

Pre-Planning – West Plano Landscape Lighting

Posted on August 22, 2013

West Plano Landscape Lighting - Beauty and SecurityWhen living in West Plano, landscape lighting can showcase your home and provide added safety and security.  It can also add value to your property!  Adding landscape lighting to residential properties in west Plano can involve a new installation if lighting does not currently exist, or retrofitting an older design and fixtures for a more modern look with energy saving features.  Whether you are a do-it-yourself person or a hiring person, it is not a good idea to jump in with both feet without a little pre-planning – all it takes is a little thought and common sense.

Have a Plan – It is important to decide on what you are wanting out of your lights before you get started.Experiment a bit on paper, laying out your design or idea before you buy the lights. This way, you can have an idea of what you want before you spend a lot of time and money only to find out that what you thought you wanted is not going to work.

Mind Your Light Pollution – You really can have too many lights, so start minimal and work up from there. A little light can go a long ways in the dark, especially from the perspective of your neighbors.

Accent vs. Practical – When deciding on what style of lights to use, think practical and economical, as well as decorative.  Properly placed lights can light up your stairs and sidewalks for safety as well as showing off your home.

Know the Style of Your House – Instead of fighting against the architectural design, find lighting that fits.  Let your lighting and your home’s architecture play off of each other, making each other stronger.

Know Your Limitations – As with any electrical work, if you do not feel comfortable working with electricity, please contact a licensed electrician or landscape lighting professional. It’s better to hire a professional to safely install your lighting rather than having your landscaping project come to a shocking end!

In West Plano, landscape lighting options are endless.  From the types of fixtures to the placement of lighting to the techniques used, if it can be imagined, desired, or required, it can be achieved!

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