Are Watering Rules of Thumb Accurate?

Are Watering Rules of Thumb Accurate?

Posted on September 25, 2017

One inch of water per week, 30 minutes per zone, 15 minutes per zone: no matter the advice, these one-size-fits-all solutions to watering lawns are all myths. You cannot apply this type of watering advice because all lawns and sprinklers differ. One inch of water or 30 minutes per week might be the right amount for some lawns and sprinkler systems, but certainly not all.

Determining How Much to Water

Every lawn is different. In fact, your yard might have changing water needs between sections. Several factors affect the amount of water your lawn requires. Watering recommendations are scientific. Factors which affect watering include:

Keep in mind that depending on your watering method, you might need to water for more or less time. If you have a sprinkler system, these are typically designed to distribute moisture evenly over your lawn. If you use, hoses and sprinklers or water by hand, you will need to be more careful about distributing water as needed across your grass.

Help From an Expert

A lawn expert can help you determine the ideal amount of water for your lawn by taking soil samples, measuring root depth, and measuring the inches of water put out by your sprinklers per hour. Contact Pearson Sprinkler Co. to have a lawn care expert help you.

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